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Who is eligible for MentorOn sessions?

All 3rd-8th graders are eligible to sign up for a mentor, as long as parents are present in the room during the sessions.


Who is eligible to volunteer?

High school students with skills and experience in working with middle school and elementary school students. College or graduate students with skills and experience can also apply to mentor youth or supervise mentors. Volunteers are selected through a careful process including interviews, reference checks; and they are supported through weekly training and supervision.


What happens during MentorOn sessions?

MentorOn sessions will be conducted online via video chat by Zoom. The sessions provide an opportunity to socialize with other students, check in about how everyone is doing, form friendships with other students through games and conversations. Academic lessons/tutoring is also offered if desired. The majority of students participate in once weekly meetings (45-60 min) until the end of the 2020 academic school year. At that time, continuation will be considered.


What if I don't have access to Wifi?

Spectrum is providing free Wi-Fi services for students during the school shutdown. Their number is 1-844-488-8398.


How are matches made?

After signing up on our website, parents/students will be invited to a MentorOn session and sent a zoom link where the student can sign on. Students are placed in sessions based on a variety of factors, including: fit with a mentor and the other students in a session given their interests, grade level, time zones, and overall fit.


How will issues of safety be addressed?

Our safety guidelines during MentorOn sessions include (but are not limited to): receiving consent from mentees' parents/legal guardians, and having a parent/guardian present in the room/nearby during the sessions. All mentors are carefully selected, trained, and supervised by BC trainers.


How are students from disadvantaged backgrounds being served?

We include questions pertaining to socioeconomic status in our sign-up form so that we can match these students first.


How long will it take to get matched?

Students from 3rd to 8th grade will be matched within one week. If you don't hear from us by then, please email us at If you are a high school or college student applying to become a mentor, we appreciate your willingness to serve youth. Although we cannot guarantee when and whether you will be matched, as the selection process is highly selective, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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